Professional internships give our students an edge

July 7, 2013

Students enrolled  in all majors at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design are required to successfully complete a professional-level internship as a requirement for graduation. Typically, students complete an internship in the summer between their junior and senior years.

Take a look at what some of PCA&D's students are doing this summer.

Illustration major Mike Yakovlev '14 has two internships and two mentorships during this very busy summer of 2013. He's creating preliminary sketch and comp work for comic/concept artist Mike Hawthorne (who also teaches at PCA&D); will create digital concept art and paintings for Second Fiction Game Studio, a division of Lancaster-based The Fictory and PostageFX; is working with New York SciFi illustrator Donato Giancola (will create one piece of finished art under the mentorship and direction of Donato); and fantasy illustrator Matthew Stewart, for whom Mike will also complete a finished piece.

Kate Frese '14 is a photo major interning at Independence Sports, a print and online magazine based in Philadelphia, where she's a photographer at sporting events. Kate is shown (below) with an image she completed during the "Advanced Lighting" class she took this past spring, and which is part of the PCA&D "Summer Preview" exhibit of works by rising juniors and seniors.

Chalkley Matlack '14 and Eric Schreiber '14, Fine Art majors, are interning at the Kevin Lehman Pottery studio, located in Lancaster, Pa. They are helping to prepare for shows and classes, and learn the "behind the scenes" of ceramic making and glass blowing.

Graphic design major Jordan Heisey '14 is working at Manheim  Brethren in Christ Church, where is doing graphic design work for their print pieces and stage design, too. Jordan was also one of two students pictured in PCA&D's ad in the summer issue of figLancaster magazine, which promotes the college's new Digital Media major.

More internships of our Illustration majors:

Tristan Chace '14 will be working with Lancaster's North Museum to design a car wrap that promotes the exhibits, events and mission of the Museum. Tristan's love is scientific illustration or illustrating animals/plants, so this should be an interesting pairing.

Victoria Poole '14 will illustrate two book covers for Jody Lee: one science fiction and one fantasy of classics of each genre, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne, and "The Hero and the Crown" by Robin McKinley.

More internships of our Graphic Design majors:

Samantha Heller '14 is working with OperaLancaster, where she is helping to brand and design products to promote the 2013-2014 season: posters, postcards, advertisements, web banners, and their season brochure. She'll also be creating a new logo for the upcoming Keystone Summer Opera event.

The in-house design group for a custom jewelry maker is where Courtney Lynn '14 is working this summer. Sorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company based in Kutztown, Pa. Besides design projects promoting the business, she's helping to create print advertisements and materials used during sales at the store.

Graphic design major Ashley Hill '14 is working with The Infantree, a Lancaster-based agency. She's involved with clients on projects ranging from logo design to web design. About working at Infantree, Ashley writes that "It's such an inspirational and motivational experience. Everyone is so talented and helpful...I genuinely feel like I'm learning so much."

More internships of our Photography majors:

Leawna Burek '14 is working with Maniac Magazine, located in Pittsburgh. She has edited video for the magazine's social media presence and website, has taken photographs at events and have designed ads.

Chelsea Crossett '14 is doing a little bit of everything for the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. She's assisting with research for upcoming shows, installing gallery exhibits, photographing events and  receptions, dusting and color-correcting images from artists, and helping artists who use the facilities at PPAC.

Maggie Rudisill '14 is working with renowned Washington, D.C.-based documentary photographer Jared Soares. She's capture session assistant, and Jared is helping her develop one of her photo projects, mentoring her, and advising on her online presence.

More internships of our Fine Art majors:

Kyle Timberman '14 is working with PCA&D faculty member/artist Tedd Pettibon on the construction and installation of a sculpture project.

Robert Graham '14 is working with artist Theodore Leung in New York City.

Rachel Yinger '14 is gallery assistant at the Market View Gallery in York, Pa.

Meredith Griffin '14 is at the Mount Gretna School of Art.

Katharine Kelly '14 and Samantha Campbell '14 are attending the Rome Art Program.

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