James Portnow, internationally-known game designer, will visit PCA&D

November 11, 2013

On Friday, December 6, James Portnow will visit Pennsylvania College of Art & Design to work with students in PCA&D's senior-level gaming classes and will present a public artist talk from 4 - 5:30 p.m.

Portnow is the leading advocate for the "games for good" movement, in which the positive learning aspects of many video games are emphasized and proactively promoted.

On the Rockethub fundraising campaign, he writes that "It's time we talk about all the things games can do for us as a scientific, cultural, artistic and educational medium instead.  It's better for society, it's better for creators and it's better for players."

And on the Digipen site, where Portnow is a faculty member, he writes that “In the past we’ve only ever thought about reporting for bad behavior or misconduct,” Portnow says. “Reporting for positive behavior, incentivizing positive behavior, is something that we hadn’t done until very recently.”

But to do that, he asserts, we need to open up communication between people in the games industry and those who help shape the laws around it. We also need to facilitate that more "games for good" are made.

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