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Alumni Spotlight

Nathan Moore

Graphic Design, 2004

  • Owner, Rock Hound Apparel
  • Webmaster, Designer at Penn State University, Berks Campus
  • Former graphic design & communications coordinator at Stratton Mountain Resort, VT
  • Former graphic & web designer at Alloy Media & Marketing in Cranbury, NJ

“The most important thing I learned at PCA&D was technique and use of tools. I can remember taking my first design class and not being able to draw a 3-D box in Illustrator. Now I use the program daily. The professors taught us the basics and from there, we had the opportunity to take it as far as you wanted to go. You can have the best idea, but if you don’t have the necessary knowledge of the tools and design, your idea will always be just an idea.”

Faculty Spotlight

Tim Roda

Adjunct instructor, Fine Art Department


MFA, University of Washington; BFA, The Pennsylvania State University

Activities: It was while at the University of Washington that Roda's work developed a language that casually travels within arenas of installation, photography, and performance. He uses photography, not for the love of the technical aspects of the medium, but because of its properties, both abstract and physical, which best depict his vision of life and art. Roda was awarded a Fulbright Award to study photography in Italy. He was also awarded a Kennedy Artist in Residence Award at the University of South Florida during the spring of 2012.

Teaching Philosophy: Since my own work blurs the boundaries between mediums and approaches, I also encourage my students to mix traditional approaches with more contemporary approaches or mediums (when appropriate) through the projects that I assign them and discussions we have in class.